About us

DG Projects is a global international company providing logistic services for dangerous goods and cargo which needs special attention. We handle all 9 hazmat classes and we’re specialized in class 1 and 7 (explosives and radioactive material). Since the start we strive to provide a very high service level in the transportation of dangerous goods and other cargo which needs special attention. It should result in that the customer will not need to worry at all that his goods and equipment will arrive at the final destination in time and in good condition. Our range of clients varies from the Oil and Gas industries, Universities up to a manufacturer of rockets.

Global Network

Together with a worldwide network of specialized agents, also dedicated to the packing and shipping of dangerous goods and other cargo which needs special attention we can offer our services almost everywhere.

Goods with special care or consolidation

Besides dangerous goods we also are very well experienced in moving valuable equipment, especially space equipment. We’re very proud, that we have worked together with NASA and our Dutch pride “Dutch Space” on the transportation of their products. From mouse bones, to computers which are being used in the ISS (International Space Station) and even satellites. Shipments to and from Russia via Moscow airport don’t give us headaches, we just use our expertise. It’s also possible to use DG Projects as a hub for a special project: We will take care for the inventory and collection of the goods.

Onze locatie

Certified Staff

DG Projects, due to 30 years of experience in these specific movements, will meet the demands of each customer and will take into account all legal aspects of such transportations and will obey all rules and regulations for such transports. The staff of DG Projects has experience in packing, documentation and transportation of dangerous goods and can provide a wide range of services throughout the globe.

Our Services

  • Transport:
    • airfreight (IATA / ICAO-TI’s)
    • road transport (ADR)
    • sea freight (IMDG)
  • Storage:
    • incl. class 1 explosives and class 7 radioactive
  • Packing / documentation of hazardous material
  • Freight Insurance
  • IATA DG Training
  • Central distribution center

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