Our Services

  • Transport:
    • airfreight (IATA / ICAO-TI’s)
    • road transport (ADR)
    • sea freight (IMDG)
  • Storage:
    • incl. class 1 explosives and class 7 radioactive
  • Packing / documentation of hazardous material
  • Freight Insurance
  • IATA DG Training
  • Central distribution center

What can we do for you?

Our goal is to help our valued customers with the complete logistic chain of hazardous material or materials which need special care.

Whether you want to ship 1 can of paint or a charter full with explosives, we’re there to organize this smoothly for you.

Logistics of dangerous Goods is a specialized field and requires a detailed understanding and knowledge of all relevant regulations. Our team and network only works with certified and knowledgeable and motivated people.

How we will transport your shipment:

DG Projects is an independent company so always able to search for the best options.
The services are airfreight, road transport, sea freight and charters. We see your products as our projects and all projects will be handled on an individual basis, therefore every project will be monitored and tracked all the way. As we use a qualified worldwide network, we’re also able to deliver shipments door-to-door in many countries.

Packing and documentation of dangerous goods:

DG Projects can also offer that your dangerous goods will be packed, labeled and documented according all applicable regulations. A safe transports begins with safe packaging.
Our subcontractor carries comprehensive liability insurance policies which allow them to be shown as the shipper on behalf of the actual shipper on the shipper’s declaration for dangerous Goods.

Hub / Consolidation:

We can offer the possibility to consolidate goods in a central distribution centre. DG Projects will take care for the stocks list and we can discuss any requirement you desire.

Training dangerous goods (IATA)

DG Projects can arrange a wide variety of High Quality Dangerous Goods Safety Training on any location on the globe. With a network of professionals, highly skilled and experienced, active in the industry, we have chosen to only offer you the Best.

Our subcontractor offers:

All Aviation Safety Training (ICAO Annex 18 related)
All Dangerous Goods Transport Regulations (IATA DGR, ADR, IMDG-Code)
Aviation Security Training (ICAO Annex 17 related)
Awareness and In-depth Dangerous Goods Training
Handling and Storage of DG (Labor & Environmental related)
Any requested Safety/DG training

Save some costs!

Having the trainer in-house saves Fuel, Time, and Hotel cost


With subcontracted companies we can arrange storage of almost every hazmat class. Also storage for class 1 explosives and class 7 radioactive are available.

Storage of class 1:

  • All kinds of explosives with a capacity of 1600 tons net explosive quantity Class 1.1 and space for about 6000 pallets .
  • The area is fenced and armed guarded. The bunkers are built according to the highest international standards for the storage of explosives.

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